In this gut-wrenching talk, Sergeant Andrew Chambers shares the haunting story of his time in Iraq and the tough transition home that landed him in jail. It’s a powerful testimony to the struggle our soldiers face when they come home, and the tragic ways that they can be denied the help they need. 

For any veterans who need help, you can find a list of resources here. Among them, the Wounded Warrior Project does outstanding work with wounded vets. 

For anyone looking to support a veteran, we encourage you to heed Chambers’ advice: "Find a veteran and listen to his story. A lot of us just need somebody to talk to." 

Watch the full talk here.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with us?

This made my heart hurt.

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Guess who’s back in town?!?#BBN

Guess who’s back in town?!?#BBN


"trust your government"

"we know what is best for you"

"we know what we are talking about"

"nothing to see here, move along"

"you do not need guns"

>meanwhile shit half coverage of Ukraine
>stupid nothing new flight 370 one month straight watch with muh blackholes and alien theory
>almost nothing about the world or domestic issues

Oh well


Updated pics

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Reblogging for the lip


Reblogging for the lip

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I’m going to be completely honest here and say i wish this man had been my father if he was going to just actually tell me the truth like this.

This is the best life lessons I’ve ever heard from a single human being. I wish my parents had taught me half of this.

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BRO! Ya kickstands down!

BRO! Ya kickstands down!

Love having these jeans haha